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Eye Emergencies

“No vision, no mission!” You need clear vision to accomplish your mission — whatever that mission is. This is why you should seek immediate professional help when eye emergencies arise.


Seeking Eye Medical Care – When is the Right Time?

Some of the indicators that you need immediate eye care include visual disturbance, continuing painful symptoms, and in the worst scenario bleeding in your eyes — you should not delay a moment longer to see an ophthalmologist. He or she is an eye-care/eye-surgery expert. You should still contact the eye care expert if you have other symptoms that may look mild.

We Offer Extensive Eye Care Service

It doesn’t matter your eye care need, we provide extensive eye care in a single location. Sore, pink, or dry eyes? You can get the solution you need for your eye condition and eye care right here, in addition to other superb services that you already know us with — routine eye exams, designer frames, contact lenses, stylish sunglasses and effective eye care procedures. Our optometrists will treat your red, sore or itchy eyes, even “pink eye” and similar eye bacterial infections.

Also, you should contact our well-trained optometrists for;

  • Taking out foreign bodies in your eyes – no matter what that foreign body is.
  • Eye allergies treatment, including eye burns
  • Emergency eye care

Cost Effective Eye Care

We combine superb quality eye care service with cost-effectiveness, which is why people travel from far and near to get our eye care services. Whether as an individual or a family, you can take advantage of our convenient and cost-effective service to get quality eye care.

Call your Ophthalmologist to get immediate and effective help for:

Subconjunctival hemorrhage

Our ophthalmologist can help diagnose you for subconjunctival hemorrhage, even if you can’t really say for sure whether or not you’re suffering from the condition. It’s not a condition that needs instant medical attention.

Chemical Exposure

Chemical exposure or contact requires the eye specialist’s attention. This is particularly necessary when fewer symptoms are still present after washing your eyes thoroughly. Your ophthalmologist will help determine the severity of the exposure and the proper eye care that you need.

Persisting Pain and Blurred Vision Following an Eye Surgery

If you experience persisting pain and blurred vision following an eye surgery, you should never ignore such warning signs but should see our eye specialists for prompt eye exam and eye care. Your ophthalmologist is likely to attend to your condition in the office. You can also visit the emergency unit of the hospital.

See the Ophthalmologist Immediately or visit the Emergency Unit if You’re under any of these Conditions:


If you or your loved ones have cuts that impact the eyeball or the eyelid margins, don’t hesitate a moment longer to get medical help. Also, you should see the ophthalmologist for evaluation of foreign bodies not taken out with mild washing.

Chemical Exposures

You should see the ophthalmologist for immediate medical evaluation if a caustic substance is involved. You may also visit the emergency unit --- it doesn’t matter what symptoms you’re experiencing.

For the case of non-dangerous substance such as suntan lotion or soap, you don’t have to visit the emergency unit, but it may be helpful to see the ophthalmologist to get relief for any lingering symptoms. Don’t delay to always get medical help when you’re not sure.

Solar Retinopathy

It is necessary to see your ophthalmologist for evaluation in the case of solar retinopathy. It is important to say that only the ophthalmologist can help you with this condition – the emergency unit can only do little.

Take Advantage of Our Innovative Eye Care Equipments and Devices

Our extensive line of eye care equipments, coupled with professionalism and cost effectiveness are the reasons people are troop in from far and near to get our eye care services. Some of these pieces of equipment include Visual Field Testing – deployed for emergency case diagnosis.