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Glaucoma Testing

Part of Our Complete Eye Exams in Sacramento

A common age-related ocular condition, glaucoma describes a category of eye diseases that cause damage to the optic nerve. Once this damage occurs, your eye will not be able to accurately transmit visual information to the brain. Images that you see will therefore appear blurred or distorted, with a significant reduction in your quality of vision. At Sacramento Optometric Group, we check for glaucoma during our routine, comprehensive eye exams.

One of the primary signs of glaucoma is increased eye pressure. The proper amount of internal fluid must be present in your eye to preserve the round shape of your eyeball. Without a good balance between inner eye fluid and the amount of fluid that naturally drains out, your ability to see crisp and clear becomes severely compromised.

Tonometry and Measuring Your Inner Eye Pressure

Our Sacramento eye doctors will measure your inner eye pressure by using a tonometer. Our offices are fully equipped with advanced tonometry equipment that works in two different ways. One type of testing, called a puff test, involves assessing what happens in your eyes when a puff of air is blown across the surface. An alternative method of evaluating for glaucoma uses a specialized device that gently touches the surface of your eyes to take a reading of the inner eye pressure. Numbing eye drops are generally used before this procedure is done. When it comes to glaucoma testing, our optometrists are experienced at ensuring that the experience is quick, highly accurate and comfortable for every patient.

Eye Exams Confirm Glaucoma Diagnosis

Although increased inner eye pressure is a significant indication of glaucoma, it is not fully conclusive as a diagnosis. Only a professional, comprehensive eye exam can confirm if you do or do not have glaucoma. In our Downtown Sacramento office, we will check your eyes thoroughly and skillfully to look for any signs of disease. Dilating eye drops will be applied, and then with the assistance of a high powered lens, we’ll examine your retinal tissues and optic nerve.

Once the high inner eye pressure of glaucoma has injured your optic nerve, irreversible vision loss usually occurs. Early detection of glaucoma – before damage has been done – therefore enables the most effective treatment for this eye disease.