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Ronit Furst

Ronit FurstRonit Furst began making eyewear in 2001 after Ronit couldn’t find a frame that would satisfy her mood and she decided to paint on one of her existing frames. The result was exactly what she has been looking for, a colorful, lively and super original piece of eyewear.

Friends, relatives and even complete strangers began stopping her in the street to compliment and to ask where she bought her glasses. They were sure the glasses were from a trendy boutique in Paris, London or NY.

Each one of the Ronit Furst frames is hand painted. This provides the freedom to produce almost every pattern and color combination imaginable. Looking closely one can actually see the paintbrush strokes and the texture of the paint, just like a painting on canvas.

The frames are designed to look different from every angle, with fine detail and tiny embellishments graduated color schemes and asymmetric designs. The ethos of the range is to create quirky, individual styles that capture the wearer’s personality and, with so many palettes and shapes available, the hardest part for many customers is limiting themselves to just one pair of Ronit Furst eyeglasses.


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