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Eyeglasses for Kids

Our Sacramento Children’s Eyewear Collection Gives Fabulous Vision – with Fun & Fashion!

Little Boy Happy with Glasses at Optometrist's OfficeChildren do not always react positively to the news that they need to wear eyeglasses. Yet nowadays, there’s no reason for kids to feel this way. Contemporary children’s eyewear comes in many stylish and comfortable designs that will make kids feel great in their new eyeglasses! At Sacramento Optometric Group, we feature a wide array of trending kids’ frames, with many popular brands, such as Ray Ban and Disney.

If you want your child to keep eyeglasses on, it’s important to let him or her take part in the decision about which frames to choose. Kids should be allowed to choose their favorite colors and coordinate eyewear with their unique personality. Whether they’re into all the hottest fashion trends, are active on the sports field, or are always painting a creative work of art – we have a pair of glasses for them!

Let Me Choose Some Frames - book an eye examOur optical staff loves working with young patients, and we’ll help fit your child’s eyeglasses properly. The frames need to be comfortable and sized appropriately for their face, with eyes centered in the middle of the lenses. As for materials, very young kids may do best with flexible rubber types. Lenses are recommended to be polycarbonate, due to their durability and shatterproof features.

As kids tend to be active and rough on their eyewear, it’s advised to also purchase a less expensive backup pair – in case the main pair needs repair.

Many world-class designers and trusted eyewear manufacturers now produce eyeglasses for children too, and an extensive selection of shapes and colors is available.

Opticals can only dispense eyeglasses with a valid prescription, even for children. If your child needs to be seen by the optometrist:

Book a Pediatric Eye Exam

You and your kids are invited to stop in anytime and take a look at what we have to offer in downtown Sacramento!